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When Data Centre Proxies Beat Residential Proxies

When Data Centre Proxies Beat Residential Proxies 2560 1299 Which Proxy Provider

Web scraping is a huge business and it can be a very expensive one. Obtaining the data you need may require a big outlay and getting it right can make all the difference between being competitive and being left behind. Contrary to popular belief, data centre proxies still have a huge part to play. To…

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What Are Data Centre Servers?

What Are Data Centre Servers? 2560 1526 Which Proxy Provider

Right now, no-one will blame you for thinking: Who goes for data center servers these days? Why don’t I just get residential proxies? Residential servers are indeed the current buzz of proxy server solutions, and they do have a great deal to offer. However, that doesn’t negate the positives that data centre servers provide. For…

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Building Your Own Web Scraper

Building Your Own Web Scraper 2560 1920 Which Proxy Provider

The ideal software solution So you’ve taken a look at different web scraping software providers, and none of them appeals to you. The cost could be prohibitive, or the functionality isn’t quite there. It could be just the opposite: you only need a basic scraper, and the extra bells and whistles are just a distraction.…

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Web Scraping Basics

Web Scraping Basics 2560 1714 Which Proxy Provider

What is web scraping? Web scraping for information is possibly the most in-demand requirement for proxy servers, so getting the hang of web scraping basics is a must. Essentially web scraping is an automated method of extracting specific information from a website. Web scraping software will automatically request multiple pages from the web site one…

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Responsible Web Scraping

Responsible Web Scraping 2560 1800 Which Proxy Provider

The key to all scraping Responsible web scraping is a very important part of your strategy. Do not downplay or underestimate it! If you’re scraping a site and hit it too fast or make it obvious that they’re being scraped, you’ll probably find your servers become blocked. The servers are now ‘burned’ and useless to…

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HTTP and SOCKS Proxy Servers

HTTP and SOCKS Proxy Servers 2560 1703 Which Proxy Provider

Where it all begins When researching proxies, you’ll often come across two different types: HTTP and SOCKS proxy servers. Spending a few minutes to learn about the differences can save you a lot of time further down the line. The distinction between the two all comes down to the protocols that they use. Internet Protocols…

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What Is A Residential Proxy Server?

What Is A Residential Proxy Server? 2560 1701 Which Proxy Provider

The first rule of residential proxy servers: There’s no such thing as a “residential proxy server”. “What?!” I hear you cry. Yes, ‘residential proxy server’ is just one big misnomer. It gives the impression you can purchase and use them in the same way as proxy servers from a regular data centre. A residential proxy…

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Free Proxy Servers

Free Proxy Servers 2560 1707 Which Proxy Provider

What NOT to do As tempting as it is to go for free proxy servers, these can often be the worst option for you. Have you ever heard the phrase: If you’re not the customer, you’re the product What this means is that you might think you’re getting something for free, but you’re giving something.…

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